The Kodo Kyodan Buddhist Fellowship

Kodosan is a contemporary lay Buddhist order based in the ancient tradition of Japanese Tendai devoted to the Bodhisattva activities for the salvation of all sentient beings. It was founded by Rev. Shodo Okano (1900-78)and Mrs. Kimiko Okano (1902-76) in 1936, and has steadily progressed under the 2nd and the 3rd Generation Presidents, Rev. Shokan Okano (1925-) and Rev. Shojun Okano (1960-) respectively.

The philosophical foundations of Kodosan lie in Rev. Shodo Okano’s interpretation of Buddhism in terms of familial love that is extended to embrace compassion for all existence. At present Kodosan is also known for its Maitri (Compassion) Movement initiated by the second President Rev. Shokan Okano and Vice President Mrs. Rinko Okano (1937-).

Located on Mt. Torigoe, Kodosan commands a panoramic view of the Yokohama International Harbor, as well as Mt. Fuji, the symbol of Japan. The Buddha Relics Tower, Main Worship Hall, Mausoleum of the founder Presidents, Mahakala temple and the Bell of Peace are the main monuments and buildings in the temple complex. Hundreds of cherry-blossom and bamboo trees add beauty and sublimity to the serenity and grandeur of the temple.

Kodo Kyodan Buddhist Fellowship
38 Torigoe, Kanagawa-ku
Yokohama 221-0064, JAPAN
Tel: 81-45-432-1201
Fax: 81-45-434-1188

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