Sister Takagi, Rev. Tanji, and Prof. Becker share their thoughts

Considering “Life (Inochi) Care”: What Sort of Spiritual Care Can be Adapted to Japanese Spirituality?

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Public Symposium sponsored by the Rinbutsuken Institute for Engaged Buddhism and the Kyoto University Kokoro (Heart-Mind) Center Kyoto September 15, 2016 Recently in Japan, there is increasing energy towards cultivating religious professionals for practice and service in various clinical (rinsho) environments. From the standpoint of the Rinbutsuken Institute for Engaged Buddhism, we have the basic […]

with The People Rule Foundation at Dalin's main Taoist temple

Buddhism and Spirituality in Taiwan’s Anti-Nuclear, Environmental & Democracy Movement

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Jonathan S. Watts In January 2015, our JNEB International Project on Energy group consisting of Rev. Hidehito Okochi, Mika Edaki of AYUS, Tom Eskildsen, and Jonathan Watts visited Taiwan. After visiting South Korea in July of 2014, this was the second leg of building solidarity among Buddhists and other religious leaders working on anti-nuclear issues […]

Juko-in, a solar powered green temple community inside Tokyo

International Project on Energy

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Societies of Sustainability and Sufficiency: Learning from Fukushima & Building Green Temple Communities The Japan Network of Engaged Buddhists (JNEB) is building an international exchange and networking program that exposes foreign Buddhists, other religious professionals, activists, and media to: the realities of life in Fukushima, the dislocations caused by nuclear energy in other parts of Japan, community […]

Dying, Bereavement, Psycho-Spiritual Care, and Buddhist Chaplaincy

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The Rinsho Buddhism Chaplaincy Training Program: Level One Lecture Series Year II (2014-15) Journey Through Dukkha: The Suicide Prevention Priests of Japan Enter into Structural Violence and Connect to Social Change (April 15, 2014) Psycho-spiritual disease and the struggle with mortality is a pressing matter in contemporary Japan on a number of fronts. In the next forty to fifty years, roughly eighty […]


Japanese-Korean Buddhist Exchange Program on Nuclear & Clean Energy

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The Transnational Structural Violence of Nuclear Energy & Building Environmentally Sustainable Temple Communities in Korea and Japan  July 3-5, 2014 Introduction From July 3 to July 5, 2014, 4 representatives of the Japan Network of Engaged Buddhists (JNEB) visited South Korea to conduct a 3 day study and networking tour on the common crisis facing both countries […]

temple entrance with anti-war & anti-nuke banner

Kenju-in: An Eco-Temple

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Protecting Forests and Building Health and Longevity through Everyone’s Energy February 5, 2014 日本語原稿:見樹院(豊島組)の取り組み 「森を守り、健康で長寿 命の建築をみんなの力で」 Rev. Hidehito Okochi At Kenju-in Temple in downtown Tokyo, we recently completed a complete renewal of the temple building as part of our commemoration of the 800-year memorial of our Jodo Pure Land denomination founder, Honen-bo Genku, in 2012. […]

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PUBLICATION: Lotus in the Nuclear Sea

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by the International Buddhist ExchangeCenter (IBEC) Yokohama, Japan (in print November 1, 2013) featuring Joanna Macy, David Loy, Harsha Navaratne, Pra Paisan Visalo, Rev. Taitsu Kono (chief priest of Myoshinji Rinzai Zen), Rev. Tetsuen Nakajima, Rev. Hidehito Okochi & the voices of the Buddhist priests and social activists of Fukushima Natural disasters follow an eternal […]


PUBLICATION: This Precious Life: Buddhist Tsunami Relief and Anti-Nuclear Activism in Post 3/11 Japan

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A Publication of the International Buddhist Exchange Center This Precious Life: Buddhist Tsunami Relief and Anti-Nuclear Activism in Post 3/11 Japan Edited by Jonathan S. Watts  US$10.00 Now available on Kindle worldwide In the West, order through In Japan, contact the Editor at In the rest of Asia, contact the office of the International […]